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Canmore, Alberta Featured in New York Times

canmore alberta

Canmore was one of Canada's best kept secrets until the 1988 Calgary Olympics put Alberta and all of its nooks and crannies on the world stage. Perhaps even more so than Calgary itself, Canmore has been transformed by that event and much of the growth and global awareness of Canmore's beauty is a direct result of that Olympic moment.

While the Olympic torch has come and gone, Canmore's flame continues to burn brighter with each passing year, and now the New York Times is the latest publication to focus on this beautiful and peaceful mountain town.

Historically, those who yearned to own a second home in the area looked to Banff. Federal legislation restricts residence in the town of Banff, which is officially part of the national park, to those who can prove “need to reside.” Canmore, about 17 miles away, would have been the obvious next choice, but it was too small and too poor to attract interest. Then, in 1988, the Olympic Winter Games were held in Calgary, and Canmore, about 65 miles west, hosted the Nordic events. Today, the population is 17,572, about three times the number before the Games.

About a third of Canmore’s residents are second-home owners. The town, which stretches along the Bow River, offers access to some of the most spectacular alpine, foothill and valley scenery in the world. It is minutes from five major ski areas. And it is surrounded by the front range of the Canadian Rockies.

Whether it is hiking, skiing or watching a sunrise or sunset, Canmore has activity and natural beauty that is world-class. Here's a great video of a time-lapse sunrise over the The Three Sisters mountain range.

If hiking is your thing, a stunning 5-hour hike to the summit of one of the Sisters is an incredible way to spend a day.

via Still Glowing From the Olympic Flame
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